Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Coffee….

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” – Turkish Proverb

There just is no drink as versatile and as pleasurable as the unassuming coffee. Each one has their own quirks, preferences and choices.  Ranging from black and without sugar, my specific eccentricity, to the pungent  South Indian Chicory blended sugary latte to the unroasted coffee of the Arab world and to the additive spices and flavours of chocolate to hazelnut and whatnot, coffee is now an omnipresent drink. Few prefer the de-caffeinated drink, the reason for which is way, way beyond the comprehension of my small brain. This is not a guide to the types of coffee; though I’d like to possess the expertise to write one.

The 2 hour censure of digestible food between oral chemotherapy to radiatiotheraphy is a stringent rule.  The snobbish patient asks if “black coffee” is tolerable during those couple of hours; the candid Oncologist replies “anything life-subsistent is permissible; ergo coffee”.

The heavenly aroma, deeply inhaled, is a soothing balm; another whiff and you are in heaven.  The first sip is always exclusively the best. The bitterness percolates on the surface of the tongue, spreads to the cheeks and the warmth rolls down and engulfs the entire torso and dies out in the stomach. The second sip, you close your eyes and let the coffee linger and fill your palate. The ideal way to revel the flavour is to chew the coffee as if it were solid food. Creeping to every crevice and reaching each taste bud, the taste is transcendental.

My idea of coffee is that it should jump-start one just as one does a dead car. Let’s all toast to life with the ever so unassuming yet the hard-hitting drink. “To Coffee…”

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